I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious. -Albert Einstein


Interesting? Maybe.

100 Facts about me! :)

1. I will be 20 on June 2nd
2. I have one older brother; Gary
3. I have been dating my love for almost a year and a half
4. I have two favorite patterns: Burberry plaid & zebra
5. I love being crafty, it doesn't always look pretty though
6. I go to East Tennessee State university, I am now a JR
7. I am a business management major
8. I have several close, amazing friends
9. I adore basset hounds
10. I have fallen in love with my boyfriends long-hair wiener dog
11. I love the beach
12. Orange is my favorite color
13. I have a fascination with pirates
14. I drive to fast, just not as fast as before the two speeding tickets
15. I enjoy fast cars :)
16. I plan on sky diving with my brother one day
17. I would do almost anything to be thinner
18. I have read every Nicholas Sparks book ever published
19. I love drawing with charcoal and sometimes pastels
20. I love most kids
21. I like tie-dying things
22. I am about to be a Godmother to a boy who will be named Billy Nathaniel
23. I am a University of Kentucky basketball/football fanatic
24. Flip flops and Converse are my favorite shoes
25. I would one day like to manage a high-end hotel
26. I work for ETSU office of information and technology; lab assistant
27. Lilly’s are my favorite flower
28. I love old buildings/ antiques and such
29. Diamonds are fabulous
30. I don't talk about stuff very easily.
31. I love to travel; I have to go to Italy before I die
32. I enjoy making lists.
33. I plan everything
34. I don't go to church very often, but I am a believer.
35. I have a stuffed Stewie (from Family guy) that I sleep with every night.
36. I love playing on playgrounds.
37. I escape by myself when I am sad.
38. I enjoy being outside at night; when there are stars
39. I sing in my car. Loud.
40. I have to be doing something most of the time.
41. I get bored. Easily.
42. One of my best friends was killed in a house fire our freshman year of high school
43. I love taking pictures and being in them, most of the time, lol.
44. I am 5’2 ½…and my pants are always to long.
45. I have a ton of clothes and nothing to wear.
46. My car is messy & I have kind of a messy room, BUT, I’m an obsessive organization freak at work
47. I hate making decisions
48. I am a hard worker.
49. Roses are always a plus.
50. I like competitions.
51. I visited New York a few years ago a fell in love
52. I love hot chocolate on a snowy day.
53. I love making people laugh
54. I hate knowing I am going to get surprised, but I love surprises
55. I like wearing pj pants all day sometimes
56. Starbucks is delicious
57. Playing in the rain is delightful
58. I love watching kid movies from when I was a kid, haha
59. I like playing with sculpy and shrinky dinks
60. Painting pottery is soooo fun to me
61. I like getting different haircuts every time I go
62. My parents will be married 35 years this Dec., I hope I am as lucky
63. I know I am lucky^^ My boyfriend is the one.
64. I’m obsessed about getting good grades, yet I don’t try very hard for them. Lol
65. I love every type of music for the most part
66. Almost all I drink is water, but I have a weakness for sweet tea
67. I was in band for almost 8 years: I can/could(It has been several years since I played) play baritone (best), trumpet(2nd best), and some trombone, clarinet, mellophone, and drums (I also know a Mary had a little lamb on sax. Haha)
68. I love pasta alfredo with shrimp
69. I download a crap ton of shows
70. I am pale
71. My favorite movies are Dirty Dancing, Grease, Pretty Woman, Pirate of the Caribbean trilogy, The Notebook and Miss Congeniality
72. I am a republican
73. I should have lived in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s
74. I love making collages
75. I love Latin dancing….now if I could do it well.
76. My boyfriend makes fun of me a lot. :) lol
77. People typically know when I don’t like them
78. I love getting dressed up fancy
79. I love costume dress up too
80. My mamaw is crazy awesome
81. I have a HUGE family; My mom has 5 sisters, 1 brother, 2 adopted brothers, and 1 adopted sister/ My dad has 11 brothers and sisters. All on average who have 3 kids and even some with grandkids. And soon one will have a great grandbaby, my Godson. :)
82. Like driving alone
83. I graduated high school in 2007
84. I will hopefully graduate college Dec. 2010
85. I like to sew, but my stuff usually ends up ok but flawed
86. I want some tattoos but I doubt I would ever get them
87. I like going to concerts and getting in the mosh pits
88. I don’t like to give away my books
89. I only have one regret
90. I hate the color pink, but it does look good on me
91. I go to college on a full ride, getting money back each semester; yay good grades
92. I like to save my money, but if I want something bad enough and can afford it, I get it
93. I forgive, never forget
94. I dressed as a pirate, two times, pretended to be British and walked around on the Ocean City boardwalk with a friend
95. I love fluffy beds
96. I enjoy my DS & my Wii
97. House and Family Guy are probably my favorite shows
98. Got my first ever C this semester, and didn’t even expect it. I wanted to cry.
99. I am now sick of myself. Lol
100. It took me like 3 hours off and on to finish this gosh-darn list. Hahaha
101. I am an over-achiever. :)



So here we go. I joined the world of bloggers. Enjoy.

♥My name is Jamie and I am almost 20.

♥I'm a bit crazy at times. I can be loud.

♥I talk semi-fast && usually have plenty to say.

♥I procrastinate, but I get things done.

♥I work hard && I am willing to learn.

♥I'm not usually shy, but it could happen.

♥I am in love and I am loved.